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The 2014 Reunion is now in the History book.

The 2014 Reunion is dedicated to the memory of Wayne Gilbert Bodin.

Editors Note:

Wayne has been with us from the beginning as Bodin  Board Member and Friend. He was an outstanding Husband, Father, and Grandfather. His memory will be with me for a long time since he was my First Cousin.

The Bodin Reunion 2014 Opens the doors.

The parking lot at Baldwin Community Center was filled with Bodin Family Cars.

More Cars arriving

President Larry Bodin Welcomes the family  to the eighth Family reunion on March 29,  2014 

Sylvia David Morel reads a French tribute written by Ellen Bodin Bayless  honoring her father Wayne Gilbert Bodin,  who passed away  two weeks ago. Wayne was a long time board member  of Les Familles Bodin.

Ellen Bodin Bayless reads a tribute in English to her Dad, Wayne Bodin, which she also wrote in French.

Deacon Jim Shugart  asks for God's Blessing on our reunion and meal.

The crowd enjoys an excellent meal  at the Eighth Bodin Reunion

Board Member Paul Breaux speaks to the members on his research into the Life of Gregoire Bodin. 

President Larry Bodin presents Grace B. Haydel with a corsage in recognition  of her being the eldest in attendance at 95 years of age. On the right is Daughter Claire H. Broussard

Second eldest in attendance is Ena L. Bodin at 93 years of age and on the right her daughter Mildred B. Montet.

Our little Buddy, and all around great kid, Emily Bayless assists President Larry Bodin in drawing the tickets for doorprizes.

Dr. Michael Cooper wins a Bodin Book doorprize

Terry Broussard wins a Bodin Book doorprize.

Denis Bodin Jr. wins a Bodin Book doorprize

Jeron Lafargue wins a Bodin Book doorprize

Debra Hardy Bodin wins a Bodin Book doorprize

Helena R. Smith wins a Bodin DVD doorprize

Juilet Peterson wins a Bodin DVD doorprize

Board members Nordine Broussard and Irma Bodin

Larry Bodin and two of his sisters, Judy B. Shugart on the left and Carolyn B. Luke on the right

Front Left to Right Marie Decote, Gaynell Barras, and Kim Martin

back row  Missy Broussard, Cyndi Decote, Karen Musso, Scott Eastin, and Ray Eastin 

Left to right Marie Decote, Cyndi Ducote, Scott Eastin , Ray Eastin, and Kim Martin

LtoR    Missy Broussard, Gaynell Barras, and Karen Musso

Larry Bodin, Hope Sansing, and Nancy Garber Borel

Bodin Board of Directors Members  in attendance  front left to right Nordine Broussard, Diana V. Callahan, Debra Hardy Bodin, Gaynell B. Barras, Nancy Garber Borel, and Irma Bodin.

back row left to right Kenneth Broussard,Travis Callahan, C. Michael Bodin, Ellen Bodin Bayless, Paul Breaux, Larry D. Bodin

Special thanks to Gloria Young Helmstetter for the use of her pictures that are marked with GH.

The 2012 Reunion Pictures  

The large crowd listens as Kevin Roddy describes her recent trip to the Bodin home place in France

Kevin Roddy describes her recent trip to Noirmoutier, France

C. Michael Bodin describes his work to locate and catalog local cemeteries in disrepair.

The other members of the group are shown below


Don  Louviere of Houston, TX

Shirley Broussard


Effron Savoy


Travel agent and Bodin member Susi Wilson (Ocean Springs, MS) Bodin President Larry Bodin , Franklin, LA ,and Jessica Barrett, from Utah,  had discussed a possible future group trip to Noirmoutier, France. Due to the logistics involved it was decided that it would be better for small groups or individuals to make the trip on their own.

Door Prizes

Sharon Richard Biggs (Lafayette) gets her door prize 


Milton Otto (Houston)


Mary Dugas & Daughter Arianne Swearingen (New Orleans),

Ivy Bodin a resident of California wins a door prize

Shirley Griffin (Crowley).

Bodin Board Member Irma Gary Bodin wins a door prize


Our hard working Finance Officer, Gaynell Bodin Barras, with a gift of appreciation from Les Familles Bodin




Kathy Bodin Bordelon, Olive Bouy Bodin, Arleen Hebert Bodin


Front L to R, Emmadel B. Hay, Ruth Bourg, Eleanor D. Guidroz

back Roland Bodin, Shirley Griffin, and M P  Dumesnil





 2010 Reunion Smaller Group

               Sitting, L-R: Rita Bodin Darden, Grace Bodin Haydel, Bolden Haydel, Rhena Rodriguez LaGrange, Katherine Breaux Lee,

                  Middle Row, L-R, Dan Darden, Claire Haydel Broussard Juliet Rodriguez Peterson, Sheila Savoie Bodin, Judy Shugart, 

Terry LaGrange, Larry Bodin, 

Back Row, L-R  Terry Broussard, Earl Peterson, Jim Bodin, Sr., Jessica Barrett,  Lee Rey Bodin Beningosa, Paul Breaux.





Some of the attendees at the 2010 reunion included 

Left to Right Larry Bodin , Lee Bennigoso , Judy B.Shugart, Sheila S. Bodin,

  Jim Bodin, and Jessica Barrett.



l'Herbaudiere, France   L-R Ryan & Ruby Mestepey, Colette Bodin, Jim Mestepey

L-R: Larry, Ruby and Colette, church at l'Herbaudiere France


L-R: C Michael Bodin, Larry Bodin and Dr. Bruce Turner, Archivist of Lafayette, LA UL Library

The Bodin Book was donated to  The Edith Garland Dupre Library at the University of Louisiana on April 21, 2010.




Far left, Vivica Pierre, Larry Bodin and Andrea Flockton discuss the library's acquisition of Luella's beautiful Bodin book,

Les Familles Baudin/Bodin. 


Gregoire Bodin was a big man. Judy Shugart holds her 3rd great grandfather's pants.


Rev. William Crumley C.S.C , pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Charenton, addresses the 2010 reunion audience.

The church was the family church of Gregoire Bodin and his brother Simon Bodin.

Roland Bodin and Emmadel Bodin Hay, Great Grandchildren of Gregoire Bodin.


Edna Mae Dupuis, 92 years of age, was the  eldest member in attendance.


Sign In Desk was busy.


L to R: Tim Borne, Michelle Borne, Manville Borne, Lee Beningosa, Wayne Bodin  and stirrer Teetsie Mayon cook the Jambalaya stock for our reunion like it has been done for 200 years.


Jambalaya stock

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