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A Poem For All Bodin Descendants


By Sylvia David Morel

I want to know you all by name,

And when and where you lived.

It matters not if you won fame;

Because of you, I live.


  The dreams you cherished in your heart

Are alive and well in mine.

Years that divide cannot tear apart

That bond untouched by time.


  Your blood flows in my veins;

Your spirit keeps me strong;

Your gift to me with your name,

So I know where I belong.

And In French, the Language of our Ancestors


  Je voudrais connaître tous vos noms,

Où vous restiez, et quand.

Fameux ou pas, me fait rien;

C’est de vous que ma vie devient.


Ils sont toujours dans mon coeur,

Les rêves que vous aviez,

Pour nous tenir toujours ensemble,

Pas touchés par les années.


Votre sang passe dans mes veines

Pour me tenir forte;

Votre cadeau avec votre nom,

Le nom que j’apporte.

January 29, 1997 (le 17 janvier, 1997)

Sylvia David Morel

Copyright c 2000 by Sylvia David Morel.  All rights reserved by the author.  No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without written permission of the author.

Sylvia is the daughter of Julia Bodin David, the granddaughter of Isador Bodin,  the great granddaughter of Belizaire Bodin and the Great Great Granddaughter of Simon Bodin, son of Jean Louis Bodin, of Noirmoutier, France.

Directors and Trustees of Les Familles Bodin 

(Elected November 13, 2018)

    Incorporation of Association Dec. 13, 1999

President, Ellen Bodin Bayless, Youngsville, LA (Director, Researcher) (Simon)

Vice President,  Kenneth R. Broussard, Vidor, Texas (Director, Webmaster, Research) (Gregoire)

Treasurer, Debra Hardy Bodin, Youngsville, LA (Director, Researcher) (Simon)

Director,  Nordine Patin Broussard, Lafayette,LA (Researcher) (Gregoire)

Director, Dallas Bodin, New Iberia, LA (  Researcher, Cemetery Work) , (Simon)

Director, Jeron J. LaFargue, Lafayette, LA (  Researcher) (Gregoire)

Secretary, Paul J. Breaux, Lafayette, LA ( Legal Advisor, Researcher, Writer) (Gregoire)

Trustee,  Gaynell Bodin Barras, Loreauville (Director, Researcher) (Gregoire)

  Trustee, Travis J. Callahan, Abbeville, LA  Cemetery Researcher of War Veterans, Writer) (Simon)

Trustee, Larry D. Bodin, Franklin, LA ( Researcher, Cemetery Work, Writer) (Gregoire)

Trustee, Diana Vincent Callahan, Abbeville, LA (  Cemetery Research of War Veterans)(Simon)

Trustee, Noelie Bodin, Country of Belgium (  Translator) (Gregoire)

Trustee, Frank DeGrauuaw, Abbeville, LA (Researcher) (Gregoire)

Trustee, Nancy Garber Borel, Ragley, LA (Trustee) (Gregoire)

Trustee, Don P. Louviere, Houston, TX (Cemetery GPS Work, Researcher) (Simon)


  Our Reunion 2018
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     In Memory

Once again we have lost  members of the Board of Directors
of  Les Familles Bodin

Ivy Joseph Bodin Jr. was a California resident in his retirement. You may want to listen to his beautiful obituary on the link below.

Click here for the Obituary

C. Michael Bodin

In Memory

In 2016 we lost a member of the Board of Directors of  Les Familles Bodin

C. Michael Bodin died May 12, 2016 at his home in Jeanerette, LA

Click here for his Obituary

The Presidents Message

Our Bodin Book is in the Louisiana Archives, they were very happy to receive it. It was delivered by Dallas Bodin from New Iberia.   Thanks Dallas. LDB

The Bodin Reunion (2016) was held on April 9, at the Baldwin Community Center, 305 Hwy 83, Baldwin, LA.


Norbert Bodin Family

Front: L-R: 2 girls, Juliana Ladnier, Aubrey Ladnier.   

Middle: L-R:  Mary Ladnier,Dean Ladnier, Doris Ladnier,   Susan Ladnier Wilson, Claire Ladnier,  Myra T. Porter,  Lana  T.  Bodin.

Back: L-R: Greg Ladnier,  William Ladnier,  Frank DeGraaw,  Jim Wilson, Jordan Ladnier, C  Michael  Bodin, C  Andre Bodin.


Richard Family

Front: L-R:  Michell Andrews, Shayne Owens Bell,  Jeron LaFargue, Susan LaFargue Kyle, Maureen Cooper Dubois,   Veeder McKoin Bell, Cherie Richard Fletcher, and Sidney Richard.   

Back: L-R: Patricia Richard Porto, Douglas  LaFargue, Kevin Cooper Roddy, Kathryn Roddy, Dr. Michael Cooper,   Eddie Guy Bell, and Mike Fletcher.





In Memory Of Irma Gary Bodin

Once more we have lost a member of the Bodin Board Of Directors.  

 Irma Gary Bodin was a friend to all of us, and a gentle loving person. She will be greatly missed by those of us who worked closely with her to keep our family history alive.

Click here for the Obituary

Previous Reunions


Our March 29, 2014 the Bodin Reunion was held at the Baldwin, Louisiana  Community Center.  


 Bodin Board Members at the April 21, 2014 Reunion 

Trustees in attendance at the 2014 Reunion

Bottom row, 

Nodine Patin Broussard, Diana Vincent Callahan, Debra Hardy Bodin, Gaynell Bodin Barras, 

Nancy Garber Borel, and the late Irma Gary Bodin.

Back row L to R , 

Kenneth Broussard, Travis J. Callahan, C. Michael Bodin, Ellen Bodin Bayless, 

Paul Breaux, and President Larry Bodin 

In attendance but not pictured was Jeron LaFargue.

Not in attendance , Ivy Bodin of California, and Nolie Bodin of Belgium.

Pcture compliments of Gloria Helmstetter

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This picture copyrighted by  Paul's Photo Service

1009 Malcolm St., P.O. Box 169 Franklin, LA 70538



Pictures of the reunion participants  of the last two reunions are on the album page that 

can also be accessed from the newsletter. See our link to the Bodin

 newsletter at the bottom of this page for more details.










About Our Logo

 The official logo of our association was designed By Allen Dale Belaire and features an outline of the Island of Noirmoutier France, birthplace of Jean Louis Bodin, over a flag of France, and the initial B representing our family.


Looking back on The Early Days

Forming the Corporation

The association held it's first reunion on October 30, 1999 in the town of Franklin Louisiana. There were three hundred attendees with representatives from several different states, including New Jersey , California, Montana , and Texas, and a large number from Louisiana. This initial reunion was for the purpose of meeting other Bodin descendants, developing a database of Bodin descendants and to acquire information for the family tree that will be included here. Paul J. Breaux , Lafayette Attorney, and Bodin descendant is our legal counsel and is drawing up the documents to incorporate our association as a non-profit organization, the purpose of which is to research our history and educate our children and generations to come , so that we never forget where we came from, and who we are.

Bodin Family Members on the banks of the Bayou Teche





The American Legion Hall , Franklin, LA reunion day.


John Bodin , our cousin from New Jersey on the left ,and our president Larry Bodin on the right . Two reasons why our reunion was such a success. 


More Early Days News

 Les Familles Bodin is now a non-profit corporation. The documents were signed at Baton Rouge , Louisiana on December 13, 1999 by Secretary of State Fox McKeithen. Many thanks to Attorney Paul J. Breaux who performed all the legal duties at no charge to the association.

Travis Callahan , left , and Larry Bodin sign the required forms to incorporate the association at Duffy's Diner in New Iberia, Louisiana. The diner was chosen because it stands on the exact spot  where Callahan was born in the home of his grandfather Boniface Bodin. Photo by Paul J. Breaux.


The Officers & Board of Directors

President   Larry Bodin, Franklin Louisiana  


Vice President   Travis J. Callahan , Abbeville, LA


Director   C. Michael Bodin, Jeanerette, LA


Director/ Treasurer  Gaynell Bodin Barras, Loreauville, LA


Director   Debra Hardy Bodin, Youngsville, LA


Director  Nordine Patin Broussard, Lafayette, LA


Director  Ellen Bodin Bayless, Youngsville, LA


The Board of Trustees

The board includes the above officers and the following trustees

Trustee   Diana V. Callahan,  Abbeville, LA


Secretary Paul J. Breaux, Lafayette, LA


 Trustee Noelie Bodin, Country of Belgium


Trustee Ivy Bodin Jr., Vista, Ca


Trustee Nancy Garber Borel, Ragley, LA


 Trustee  Jeron J. LaFargue, Lafayette, LA


Trustee  Kenneth R. Broussard, Vidor, TX

 Trustee  Donald P.Louviere

History of Our Family

Jean Louis Bodin was born on the island of Noirmoutier, France in 1761. He was the son of Pierre Bodin and Jeanne Massonet and the grandson of Pierre Bodin and Jeanne Guibeaux. This takes our Bodin family research back to 1715, the year of the birth of the first Pierre Bodin. We will concentrate here on Jean Louis Bodin who was a crewman on the sailing vessel La Bon PaPa , the first and smallest of the seven ships that sailed from France to the Louisiana Territories bringing the first French immigrants .

Jean Louis married one of the immigrants, Francoise Jose Doirn (Doiron) on February 28, 1787 at St. Gabriel Church.

This is a recent photo of the church which still stands today near the banks of the Mississippi River in the community of Saint Gabriel, LA.  I was fortunate to be able to tour the church and it is in remarkable condition. The church has been moved two times to escape the encroaching Bayou Manchac and later the Mississippi River before the present Levee system was developed . It is now about 100 yards from the Mississippi. A group is being formed to preserve this wonderful remnant of the early settlers life .


The Family Of Jean Louis Bodin

The marriage of Jean Louis Bodin and Marie Francoise Doiron produced  six children. Of the six our research has only found  descendants of two sons, Gregoire and Simon Bodin, and one daughter Marie Rose Bodin


Gregoire Bodin 

Gregoire was born December 12, 1795 , in Saint Gabriel , LA the first child of Jean Louis Bodin and Marie Doiron. Gregoire married Pelagie LeBlanc on November 11, 1816 and from this marriage ten children were born. After the death of Pelagie in 1840, Gregoire married Natalie Bourg ( Bourque ) and five children were born of that union.  Later Gregoire took over the duties of under tutor for the eight minor children of his deceased brother , Simon when he died at 48 years of age.


Gregoire was a very successful plantation owner with 2000 acres of land tilled by slaves engaged in the production of sugar cane. He was a respected business man in Saint Mary Parish even though he could not read and write. The home that he built near Charenton was a lavish structure even in those days .


Gregoire Bodin's Cypremort Prairie Plantation built in 1841 still stands today and was re-named Vacherie by later owners.

Both Gregoire and his brother were men of large stature, and  stories were told that when they were together they did not need a ladder. A pair of Gregoire's pants is still owned by a family member and the waist of those pants , when held up by an average sized man,  reach the neck of the holder. A story has been told for generations that when Gregoire died on the upper floor of his home , he was too large to bring down the spiral staircase and the slaves cut a hole in the ceiling and lowered the body with ropes. A recent renovation of the home covered the hole that was still visible up until that time. The pants held a special meaning for the older descendants of Gregoire , as the last tie to their ancestor . One elderly family member told Larry Bodin that when the elder members of the family were near death they would call for someone to bring the pants to their bedside so that they " could see them one more time".  The person recounting this story would cry each time he told it. He passed away two years ago at the age of 96 years. Remember that family information was passed down through the generations by word of mouth beginning with those members who could not read or write. 

When Gregoire died he was buried in the family tomb shown below. On August 26, 1992 Hurricane Andrew severely damaged the tomb when one of the large pieces of marble fell off and was broken. On October 25, 1993 Gregoire's great great great grandson, Larry Bodin , undertook the task of restoring the tomb . The renovation began and lasted until April 8, 1994 . The renovators stated that it would be too costly to build a tomb with marble today, and that the cost would run to more than $20,000.00. The cost of the renovation was over $4,000.00 and was paid with contributions from members of the Bodin Family  Larry is probably one of the few people who has seen the remains of his  great great grandfather. In Larry's own words " a giant of a man, over seven feet". 


Family Tomb Charenton, LA

Order of burial in the Bodin Tomb

Aurelia Bodin, born July 23, 1829 died October 22, 1832 (3)

Joseph Bodin , born November 4, 1817 died September 22, 1839 (22)

Pelagie Leblanc Bodin , born April 15, 1797 died April 6, 1840 (43)

Gregoire Bodin Jr. , born March 30, 1845 died October 10, 1852 (7)

Felicite Bodin , born February 21, 1852 died September 15, 1861 (9)

Gregoire Bodin Sr. , Born December 12, 1794 died June 25, 1865 (71)


Simon Bodin 

The value of the succession as a true record.

Simon and his twin sister Genevive were  born April 12, 1800 in Opelousas, Louisiana the children of Jean Louis Bodin and Marie Doiron. At age 24, Simon married Pelagie Landry in Saint Martinville, Louisiana. In reading the succession of Simon which is dated June 28, 1848 , and on file in the Franklin, Louisiana courthouse, one gains insight to the life of this man after his death. 

In this record, Simon's wife Pelagie Landry requests that an inventory of the assets of Simon be inventoried  and that an " under tutor " be appointed for her children now without a father. The early settlers of this area were very concerned that children have a female and a male guidance in their lives so that they could be taught how to survive and grow to decent adults. Many times a family meeting was held which was very formal and of a legal nature and tutors were appointed. This was the case here and the document shows the attendance of Uncle Gregoire , and cousins Therence, Emile, Norbert Bodin and Henry Penn ( son-in-law of Gregoire ), all of the age of majority. As a result of the family meeting Gregoire was appointed under tutor to his nieces and nephews shown by name in the document. They were ; Belizare, Adrien, Doralize, Uranie, Numa, Alcee, the twins Joseph and Josephine, and Alcide. No reference is made to the tenth child, Marie Belzire who had died at the age of thirteen days, since the document only shows heirs to the estate. There is a reference to the fact that Belizare has reached the age of majority.


The Estate of Simon Bodin in 1848

A description of the family farm located in Saint Mary Parish includes the notation that the land deed was recorded in the town of Washington and that the property was 80 acres in size. The value of this property was listed as $4,000.00 and had previously been purchased in 1831.

The growing crop of 45 arpents of sugar cane and 19 arpents of corn is valued at $1,000.00 along with 100 barrels of corn valued at $62.50 and 64 cords of firewood valued at $96.00 .

The document lists three male slaves and one boy 16 years of age as well as three women slaves , one of which was the mother of two small children valued at  a total of $4,000.00. 

Editors comment

One must know that slaves of planters of this era , and this area ,were more tenant farmers than slaves and that the " slave owners" usually worked in the fields alongside the slaves. The slaves of " less wealthy " planters usually owned some land on the farm and many were self employed on their time off. Only the very wealthy slave owners had plantations with large numbers of slaves and lived the extravagant lifestyles portrayed in the movies . As I continue my research of the family and slavery in Saint Mary Parish I will update this section.

The following is provided by Paul Breaux, one of the hard working family researchers.

Slavery as regulated by law, and as actually practiced, in Louisiana

While slavery in the past, and practiced even today in some places in the world, of any kind is deplorable and regrettable, this that follows is worth noting  . . .

           I had a need recently to review in one of my law school text books some points on legal personality and the exercise of free will as applied in Louisiana law to the formation of contracts.

            When done with my study of those materials, I read again portions of a chapter in the text book discussing slavery both as legally regulated and as actually practiced by Louisianaians at the late 18th and first half of the 19th centuries.  Scanned copies of pages 4 through 8 are attached.

            In those pages, and particularly beginning near the top of the 6th page, laws governing slavery in Louisiana are compared and contrasted with laws in the northern states.  Two examples of the more lenient and compassionate laws of Louisiana from the French and Spanish are explained at the 7th page of the materials.

            The gist of it all is that Louisiana’s treatment of slaves in the law, and even more so in the customs, usages and practices of the slave owners, was measurably more humane than other places in the United States, the legal regulations and actual practices of northern states and other southern states being described in the 1853 book as “the most inhumane ever known in the history of the world.”

            The source or cause for the difference in Louisiana is attributed by the 1853 book/research quoted by the law school professor to the French and Spanish laws and the mores/culture of the premiers habitants that were the underpinnings of the very early legal codes of Louisiana.

            All of this in the wings of and as a supplement to the observations by the web site editor, Travis J. Callahan, at the Internet web site* of Les Familles Bodin, Inc., at the point of Callahan’s discussion of the inventory of the 1848 estate of Simon Bodin and the fact that the inventory listed, inter alia, six adult slaves and several children.


December 22, 2013.

Paul J. Breaux
Attorney at Law
Phone:   337-266-2270 
Paul J. Breaux, Ltd.
600 Jefferson St., Suite 503
Lafayette, Louisiana  70501



The succession of Simon continues

There were ten oxen, twenty horses, several cows and calves, and thirty-three sheep, as well as 30 hogs. There are listed saddles , bridles, household furniture , a cistern, flatboats and a pirogue, and other items considered of value in those days. The total estate of Simon Bodin was valued at $13,387.00 

Also included in the Saint Mary Courthouse records are legal documents naming Pelagie Landry as administrator of the estate and a second legal document naming Pelagie as the "natural " tutor of the minor children and Gregoire Bodin as the " under" tutor.

I continue to research the life and death of Simon Bodin and at present  I am searching for his  final resting place and the actual location of his former plantation. A true treasure would be to find a picture of Simon.


Marie Rose Bodin

The family of Rose Marie is being researched at this time. One of the factors that make this research interesting, is that Belisaire, son of Simon married Francoise Orezille Stevens , daughter of Rose Marie Bodin and her husband Louis Stevens. Children of brother and sister  (first cousins) were married and shared the same grandparents, Jean Louis Bodin and Francoise Doiron. 

If you are a descendant of Rose Marie Bodin Stevens, please contact us.


A Link to the home place of Jean Louis Bodin 

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The Island Of Noirmoutier, France 



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